EIH ~ Ellison Integrated Healing

Ellison Integrated Healing (EIH) is a natural health practice that utilizes research-based, drugless approaches to restore vibrant health and well being to body, mind and spirit. In today's world, stress, diet, lifestyle, germs and viruses cause imbalances in the environment that make disease and injury more likely to manifest. An individual cannot counteract these imbalances and enjoy complete well-being unless the brain and the functional systems of the body are able to communicate efficiently. EIH facilitates a return to health by employing an integrated approach that is the result of more than twenty years of experience in utilizing both a scientific and an intuitive approach to healing.

Dr. Ellison’s approach combines Neurolink ™ -- incorporating the scientific study of the brain -- and the ancient wisdom of Traditional Oriental Medicine. Neurolink™’s advanced technology addresses how the brain and body communicate. Traditional Oriental Medicine addresses the flow of the vital life force energy (qi). Combining and interpreting the principles of these two powerful medicines creates an effective, holistic and innovative approach to healing.
Traditional Chinese Medicine includes acupuncture, herbal formulas, medical-quality essential oils, and the balancing of the yin and yang – opposing and complementary principles -- of the body's functions. Neurolink™ initiates optimum function of the body's systems by engaging and directing the natural regulatory intelligence of the brain.

EIH addresses the human body as an intricately-woven tapestry. The warp and weft threads of this tapestry are made up of components of mind, body and spirit. When one of these threads loses integrity with the whole, an unraveling process begins, prompting a lack of integrity within the whole. Similarly, in the human body, if a portion of the mind, body or spirit loses its connection and balance with the whole; then the functioning of the individual is no longer in a state of optimal well-being. EIH is a holistic approach to healing that corrects the 'tear' in the tapestry by initiating the body’s ability to heal itself, supporting the individual to return to a state of vibrant natural health.