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Vog Treatment & Health Tips
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Vog Treatment and Health Tips

    Vog is a combination of sulfur dioxide gas, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and a vast array of heavy metals and other volatile and not-so-healthful elements.  As vog moves through the air, and mixes with moisture droplets, the sulfur dioxide gas transforms to the very dangerous sulfuric acid, and this 'acid rain', as it comes in contact with buildings, plants, animals and, as you inhale it deeply into your lungs, causes many problems.  In buildings and catchment systems, it can cause harmful leaching of lead from roofing materials, pipes and metal fittings thereby directly contaminating water systems.  In plants, vog particulates accumulate on fruits and vegetables, and in some cases, are taken into 'heavy metal aggregators' or plants which pull heavy metals from the air or soils (tobacco and marijuana are examples of heavy metal aggregators). 
   In humans, vog's negative affects range from headaches, nausea, sinus infections, severe skin rashes, ulcers and lesions to respiratory infections and systemic toxicity.  In animals, we are seeing low birth weights and weak offspring to spontaneous abortions, digestive disorders and eye and skin infections.
    So, okay, this all sounds like a really bad thing for those of us who live on the Big Island of Hawai'i.  And, while it's been no 'picnic in paradise' these past 15 months of dramatically-increased vog emissions, there are ways in which we can limit our exposure and mitigate or reduce the toxic side-effects of this temporary situation.     (article continues) Friends and Community Members,

I am very happy to welcome you to the first issue of the Ellison Integrated Healing e-newsletter. My intention is to provide you with information that can help you live a healthier, happier life.  Please feel free to contact me personally with any questions, comments or to make an appointment. I hope this is of service to you.
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Ellison Integrated Healing (EIH) is a natural health practice that utilizes research-based, drugless approaches to restore vibrant health and well being to body, mind and spirit. In today's world, stress, diet, lifestyle, germs and viruses cause imbalances in the environment that make disease and injury more likely to manifest. An individual cannot counteract these imbalances and enjoy complete well-being unless the brain and the functional systems of the body are able to communicate efficiently. EIH facilitates a return to health by employing an integrated approach that is the result of more than twenty years of experience in utilizing both a scientific and an intuitive approach to healing.
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(continued) Vog Treatment and Health Tips
   First of all, we can avoid strenuous outdoor physical activity when vog is most heavy and tradewinds are absent.  Reducing outside air flow into homes and offices by closing doors and windows and utilizing air purifiers which reduce both particulates as well as gaseous forms of contamination.  We can take steps to place protective covering over catchment systems to keep vog from running off exposed surfaces or settling on catchment system components.  And, as importantly, we can take the necessary diet and supplement steps to improve our body's ability to fight off the negative effects of vog.

Foods To Avoid

During heavy vog periods people should pay particular attention to removing excess sulfur content from their daily routines.  This includes all foods which contain various forms of sulfur:
            Processed foods with sulfur additives as preservatives
                        Sulfur Dioxide                                     Sodium Sulfite
                        Sodium Bisulfate                                 Potassium Bisulfate
            Alcoholic beverages containing sulfites
            Dried (non-organic) fruits
Foods To Include Or Increase Intake

            Choose foods for the protective and purifying qualities for the lungs, liver, kidney and spleen.  Pungent foods are known for their 'purifying/detoxing' effects, while protective foods rich in antioxidant and beta-carotene contents protect the surfaces and mucous membranes of the body while bolstering the body's immune system.
Pungent Foods
            Cabbage                                                         Hot Peppers and Chiles
            Daikon Radish                                                 Onion
            Garlic                                                              Radish
            Ginger                                                             Turnip
            Horseradish                                                     White Peppercorn
Protective Foods
            Apple                                                              Pear
            Broccoli                                                           Parsley
            Carrot                                                              Pumpkin
            Watercress                                                      Kale
            Wheat or Barley Grass                                     Winter Squash
            Mustard Greens                                               Green, Blue-Green or Golden
                                                                                   Micro Algae

   In addition to proactive and protective changes to our diet, there are also some very important daily additions in terms of supplementation that are vital for reducing and/or eliminating the negative side effects of exposure to vog.


Vitamin B Complex
   Reduces oxidative stress and inflammatory response
Cissus Quadrangularis
   Encourages healing and aids in circulation
Loquat Leaf
   Clears lung heat and assists in respiratory function and clearance of mucous
Pine Bark Extract
    600x more antioxidant benefits than Vitamin C; helps to boost immune function and improves peripheral blood circulation
  One dietary supplement which contains therapeutic levels of these vital nutrients and more is called WellCapAM™ Activation Complex by Wellcorps International, and available at my office. Several integrative medical practitioners on the Big Island of Hawai'i carry this very valuable formulation for assisting with vog complications and I highly recommend it to my patients.

  Opening and increasing the flow of energy or qi through the various meridians in the body is vital to releasing and flushing out the toxins associated with vog contamination.  Boosting the kidney, liver, spleen and lung functions all assist in the natural detoxification processes of the human body.  Simple acupuncture and acupressure therapies can provide dramatic relief in as little as 30 minutes.
Chinese Herbs
   In ancient Chinese medicine, we utilize five, distinct botanicals which relate to toxic influences:
Xia Ku Cao
   Clears heat from red, swollen and painful eyes, clears swollen glands in neck, alleviates headache.
Lu Xian Cao
   Alleviates scratchy, dry, irritated throat and improves vocal functions
Fang Feng
   Alleviates headache and improves respiration while reducing mucous in sinuses and lungs
Jing Jie
   Alleviates heat in lungs and provides exit transport of impurities throughout respiratory system
Chai Hu
   Relieves liver burden in toxicity processing and relieves headache and chest pain due to congestion
Essential Oils
    Chinese medicine has utilized specific, essential oils either as direct applications to skin or through the inhalation of their aromatic essence by applying a small amount to the palms of the hands, and cupping the hands gently around the mouth and nose while inhaling these beneficial aromas.  I recommend two, specific formulations to my patients for vog assistance.
Flight Angel
    This proprietary formulation supports upper respiratory activity and helps to boost overall immune function.  Applied lightly to the palms of the hands and inhaled through mouth and nose, this combination of Eucalyptus, Hyssop, Lavender and Ravensara provides immediate and lasting relief throughout the day.  Additionally, this formulation, used every two hours, is a vital component of airline travels and while being confined in close quarters with large numbers of people as a preventative against viruses and bacteria.
Dry Cough Formulation
   3 Drops of Eucalyptus Oil
   2 Drops of Lemon Oil
   2 Tablespoons Organic, Pure Honey
   One teaspoon of this concentrated formula is best used in hot water as a tea and sipped regularly throughout the day to assist with congestion and respiratory difficulties.
   Let's remember to keep in mind that volcanic activity is a fact of life in Polynesia and that ancient Hawaiians endured many such episodes of vog and lava flows over the millennia.  Being smart about our physical activities as well as our dietary, alcohol and supplement intake, especially during the most vigorous outbreaks, is our best bet toward positively influencing our health and reducing the negative effects of volcanic smog in our daily lives.
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