Clinics - Big Island, Oahu, San Francisco

Dr. Ellison treats hundreds of patients every year, becoming their partner in a commitment to recovery and vibrant health. The three Ellison Integrated Healing Clinics are located in the old plantation town of Hawi in the rural pastureland of North Kohala on Hawaii Island, in Kailua, on the Island of Oahu, and in San Francisco California. Patients arrive there from around the world – from as far as The Bahamas and Germany – to seek out the healing benefits and the balance of well being afforded through Ellison Integrated Healing.

What To Expect

Prior to arrival at the Clinic, new patients are given a thorough health and lifestyle questionnaire. to assess their health status. Dr. Ellison uses a variety of diagnostic observation tools to complete the evaluation and to provide a clear understanding of the root causes of the presenting condition. The first session for treatment lasts about 90 minutes -- 60 minutes with Dr. Ellison and an additional 30 minutes for treatment processing, such as acupuncture, essential oils, and other therapies as indicated.
Patients remain clothed during treatments, which are conducted with the patient lying on a doctor’s table, if the patient can do so comfortably.

Dr. Ellison uses her own specially-formulated essential oils in conjunction with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Neurolink -- using hands-on methods that feel like gentle motions and tapping. Typical treatment sessions last about 60 minutes -- 30 minutes with Dr. Ellison and an additional 30 minutes for treatment processing, such as acupuncture, essential oils, and other therapies as indicated. Patients are never rushed. The initial frequency of treatments is determined in part by the presenting condition of the patient; most patients see Dr. Ellison once or twice a week in the beginning of treatment. Appointments must be cancelled 24 hours in advance to avoid incurring charges. A courtesy telephone reminder is made the day before each appointment.

Information and directions to the Hawi, Big Island Clinic.

Information and directions to the Kailua, Oahu Clinic.

Information and directions to the San Francisco California Clinic.

What Patients Report


I began seeing Dr. Ellison about 5 years ago for chronic fatigue – I was exhausted all the time, and it wasn’t getting any better. I also had terrible pain in my neck. These conditions are very depressing, and I am normally a very optimistic person – this was definitely cramping my style. Dr. Ellison was able to turn around both the fatigue and the neck pain, which completely restored my joy in life. Since then, I have continued to see her to maintain my health and prevent any new infections or disease. Although I didn’t originally come to Dr. Ellison to shift my mood, the benefits of the pain relief and her work to enhance my overall sense of well being have unquestionably restored my positive outlook.


Years of sports injuries created a condition of chronic pain in the joints of my limbs and back. Since beginning treatment by Dr. Ellison 12 years ago, that condition has completely subsided and my overall stamina and sense of well-being has dramatically and consistently improved. Ellison Integrated Healing is a system that factors in the whole individual -- mind, body and spirit – and so the results are similarly comprehensive.



I believe in being proactive about my health and use many tools for “anti-aging”, including eating a healthy diet, drinking purified water, getting exercise, and seeing Dr. Ellison regularly as a preventive measure. I now have increased vitality, suppleness and resistance to illnesses. Another benefit of treatment has been better sleep. I can’t say enough about the caliber of treatment and professionalism of Dr. Ellison, and I have been through many doctors on my path to find her.


D.K. Kona Hawaii

Dear Jan- Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my re-formed heart for all the times you have enhanced my life and put me back together. It sounds silly, but I tell people that I know this brilliant woman who is a gifted, intuitive healer who is responsible for keeping me healthy over all the years I was on the Big Island. The last time I was with you, you restored my body to its new, natural rhythm. Something was off when I came to see you, when I left it was much better- you made my recovery so much better and quicker. When I got back to SD, the cardiologist took me off of Coumadin (rat poison). The bruises are gone; I am feeling so much better and will be a great competitor at the United States Tennis Association Sectionals for Southern Cal on the 23rd. Love it, great group of gals and so much fun. I am the old lady of the group, which cracks me up. So, thank you from the bottom of my happy heart. So much of my health picture is due to you. Which convinces me that there is a grand plan, and people are there for you and are such blessings in your life. A very big mahalo and hug!.



Hope all is well and you are getting some rest...if that's possible. Love you lots and thank you again for saving my life!